TOP 10 Technical Skills With Explosive Magnification In Job Demand


Some aspects of technology seem to transmute every month. If you work as a data scientist or engineer, the implements you utilize don’t change quite so expeditiously, but can shift every few years. Bentley University commissioned a study to find which business skills are growing in demand. By visually examining millions of job listings posted on more than 40,000 online job sites, jobs analytics firm Burning Glass determined which skills optically discerned the most immensely colossal incrementations in demand when comparing 2011 to 2015.

In this post we’re revealing the top ten technical skills. They’re ranked by how often they appeared in job descriptions. The categories in parenthesis show the type of job where the increases took place.
Technical Skills With The Biggest Increases In Demand:

1. Big Data (Information Technology): 3,977%

2. Node.js (Design): 2,493%

3. Tableau (Research and Analysis): 1,581%

4. NoSQL (Information Technology): 1,002%

5. Apache Hadoop (Information Technology): 704%

6. HTML5 (Information Technology): 612%

7. Python (Research and Analysis): 456%

8. Oracle (Sales): 382%

9. JSON (Information Technology): 318%

10. Salesforce CRM (Sales): 292%

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